Hummus Pasta? Ummm, okay…

So the other day while wandering Facebook I came across a targeted ad that, well, actually worked. Oddly enough it was a post from Frigidaire on cutting calories using hummus to replace other ingredients. You can see their suggestions here, including their instructions for a hummus-based pasta sauce.

Earlier this week I picked up a rosemary and sea salt flavoured hummus (by Sabra if you have that brand in your area). When I saw the recipe I thought the more unusual flavouring might go nicely with a pasta, as opposed to plain hummus. So, today, for a quick and different lunch I decided to try it.


Here is what I did:

Cook the desired amount of pasta. I made this for one, so I ended up with about 1 1/2 cups of cooked pasta to go along with this amount of sauce.

While the pasta is cooking, start on the sauce. I squeezed about a tablespoon of fresh lemon into the bottom of my planned bowl for pasta.(Full disclosure, I’m a lemon addict. The lemon component of what I did might not work for you, and you might like to add it on the top at the end as opposed to in the sauce to start with.)

Next, I added about 2 Tablespoons of the hummus.

When the pasta was almost finished cooking I took out a little bit of the starchy water and added that in. Remember, if you have added the lemon juice you already have some liquid, so go slow with the pasta water.

I added a little of salt to taste, and a shake of a garlic spice mix, and mixed it all up until smooth.

I drained the pasta, and tossed it with the sauce, and then devoured the whole bowl. You may wish to eat it in a more genteel fashion…

So does this replace things like an alfredo? Well, no, not really. Does it make a pretty nice lunch pasta? Absolutely. Next time I’d like to put a little more planning into it and sauté some mushrooms and spinach to add, and I think it will be perfect.

Update August 1, 2016: I wanted to finish off the hummus in the container so I made this again. I added red bell pepper, sliced olives, cucumber (I was eating it cool), and some spinach I added in with the pasta for the the last minute of cooking. 



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