Slowcooker BBQ Tofu Tacos

As previously established on this blog, I can be a little impatient with cooking. I also think that cooking should be fun and not some kind of horrible stress-provoking experience. My primary goal for posting recipes here is for people to see that cooking (mostly)plantbased meals can actually be quite easy and generally does not require a huge production and strange ingredients. If you’re in a hurry, start out with this quick tutorial:


What you’re seeing here is one application for BBQ Tofu, which is actually simply tofu prepared with ClubHouse Slow Cookers BBQ Pork seasoning packet. Yep. That’s pretty much it, with the exception of how I prep the tofu. Here are the steps I follow:

  1. Set aside the right amount of tofu. I strongly prefer medium-firm tofu and try to buy it in the big tubs often found at Asian grocery stores. To get ready for this recipe, I checked how many pounds of meat are required for the seasoning package. Next I took a large freezer bag and set it on my kitchen scale. I added blocks of tofu until I had just over 2 pounds. It was about 6 of the little cubes you get in those tubs.
  2. Freeze the tofu. When you freeze tofu you basically turn it into little sponges, which is great because then it really absorbs whatever seasonings or sauces you are cooking it with. I froze mine overnight, and then thawed it the next day.
  3. Get rid of the water. Once you have your frozen and thawed tofu, gently squeeze out the water, then slice it into strips, or whatever shape is most appropriate for your intended use.
  4. Differences. There are only a couple differences between my recipe and the rest of the ClubHouse instructions at this point: First, because our tofu is not going to leak any fat, I put a drizzle of olive oil on the bottom of the slow cooker. Second, I usually slice up an onion and a bell pepper and throw that in at the bottom, followed by the tofu.
  5. Now follow the instructions… Mix their sauce, get the slow cooker going on high, and 4 hours later BBQ tofu is served.


For the tacos shown I made a quick coleslaw. A grocery store near my house always has bags of sliced cabbage and carrots ready for this. I added apple cider vinegar, lemon infused olive oil, a little bit of agave nectar (if you use honey, you could use that here), and some salt. Then I tossed in some sliced green onion and chopped cilantro. I did let the coleslaw sit for a bit in the dressing as I wanted the cabbage to relax a little bit. I loaded my tortillas with BBQ tofu, coleslaw, guacamole, and some fresh pineapple salsa I picked up. Delicious.

And here are the leftovers as nachos…


(Photo credits for the nachos to dear roommate.)


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