Joining the Instant Pot Tribe…

So I finally did it. After months and months of reading other peoples’ stories about the amazing thing they made in their Instant Pot, I bought one as a present for myself for reaching an important goal. I promise not everything on the page will be cooked in an Instant Pot, but I have to say for the two things I’ve made in it since opening the box last night I’m pretty excited.

The photo below is of a quick risotto. It was a little bit plain as I didn’t want to “waste” anything good if I totally messed things up on my first go around using the pot. However, it turned out great texturally, and just needs a little bump in the seasoning department (like maybe not using 100 year old celery from the crisper…).


Before I go any further, I want to share my reasons behind picking up this contraption.

  1. It sounds pretty cool to be able to do a whole bunch of stuff all in the same container. For example, slow cooker recipes that ask you to sautée things before you put them in the slow cooker — I’m general like, um, no, that is not the point. In the Instant Pot you can turn on the sautée function, and then when ready just dump everything else in and away it goes.
  2. Legumes without 100 hours of soaking. Legumes that don’t come out of a can. I love all kinds of beans, and I love making chilli. However, I lack the planning gene that somehow reminds one to soak things the night before, yet I am conflicted about the price and health of always eating them from a can. Yes, they will cook faster in the Instant Pot if I have soaked them, but if I haven’t it is fine.
  3. My dog is on his way to having mostly home-cooked meals, and part of his food includes legumes. As much as I don’t need the extra salt in canned beans, he really doesn’t need it. It is a great way for me to make this in bulk in a healthy and fast way. There are a lot of great things that will be faster and easier for me in this fancy-pants pot.

Also, speaking of legumes, I made these lentils this morning while dog and I lounged around enjoying the sunny day. Tonight he will have some of them (plain) with his food, and I’ll be turning another bunch of it into a tasty lentil curry.


And a PS — Here’s the lentil curry, quickly steamed asparagus, and yes, I’m serving it with risotto… but it was all so very good. 🙂



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