Found: Super Easy PlantBased Mayo Recipe

So today I discover that I’m out of the plantbased mayonaise that I usually buy, so I decide to do a quick google and see if anything easy comes up.Tiny backtrack — I sometimes use fake mayo as the “white stuff” on things that would normally have had sour cream if I don’t have time to make or find a plain vegan yogourt or sour cream. I had a tasty black bean soup just waiting for a dollop of something. Well this time my Google search worked, and wow am I pleased with the result from Alberto and Iosune at Simple Vegan Blog. All you need are four ingredients that you should already have on hand (oil, soy milk, apple cider vinegar, salt) and a blender.

Now I’m not exactly known for following recipes very exactly, so I used olive oil to make this, and after an initial taste test I added some lemon juice and a tiny bit of sugar. Although the recipe specifies unsweetened soy milk, I think a plain sweetened might not be terrible. This is likely because I lived in Asia for a few years and the mayonaise tends to be a bit sweet there. You’ll want to play with their recipe to get the taste just the way you want it. I plan to add herbs etc. in the future. That said, the measurements and combination work perfectly for texture. I don’t have a great container for using my immersion blender as recommended, so I popped everything into a bullet and it was ready in seconds. I may never buy store-bought again!

And here it is in action… the peppers are cooked just enough to soften them and they are filled with my black bean soup recipe.



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