Have you ever seen a photo of an amazing looking plant based dish and wanted to try to make it at home? Have you ever looked at the ingredient list and wondered where you could find fresh unicorn tears anyway? And even if you did figure out a place where you could purchase unicorn tears they only come in 2 litre jugs and the recipe only calls for ¼ teaspoon and once opened the container is only good for 7 days? Oh, and the container is also $50… If this sounds like a familiar story, then you’re exactly who I’m writing for. No more unicorn tears!

So, welcome to the space where I try and work out simple and tasty (mostly) plant based recipes! I’m a lifetime vegetarian striving to eat a (mostly) plant based diet. What I mean by a mostly plant-based diet is that in some cases I may use products that are not be considered plant based by some. For example, I use honey from a friend’s apiary. In cases where it is obvious to me that it isn’t considered plant based (like the honey) I will always try to list appropriate options.

In the past few months I’ve also been a member of Weight Watchers which has helped me turn my focus to cooking more healthily and in a more simple and whole-foods style (and lose the pounds I needed to!). I hope that the recipes, and other information found here will be helpful to you as you feed yourself, your family and friends.